My name is Tim

I am a creative action man, consultant, facilitator, community manager with over 15 years experience connecting people and ideas through building successful collaborations, communities and programmes across the broad education, technology and creative sectors.


Creating the environment for great ideas to happen – design, events, marketing, social, community building, partnership management.


Building ideas, products and services from concept to delivery – product development, programme management.


Putting the play and fun time back into business for fun and playtime – events, workshops, facilitation and more.

Why Choose Me

My passion is working with people to get the best out of them, building communities and environments which lead to great ideas and products and 
finding plenty of time to play, refine and improve.

I want to work with great people and companies who share in those values.

My interests


Putting creativity at the heart of everything I do. Working with clients to ‘create’ ideas, products, services and programmes across the digital, technology, creative and education sectors.


Building your ideas from concept to delivery: business development, community building and community mangement, marketing, social, business development, research, consultancy.


Finding time to play. Taking teams into new environments. Agile approaches to new ideas and products (refine and improve) e.g. workshops, facilitation, training.

Working with you

My passion is working with people to get the best out of them. I want to work with great people and institutions who share in those values.